Survey of Primary School Teachers


Cambodia. Location within country: Kampot/Kep; Battambang; Stung Treng and Phnom Penh

Project Summary

The MoEYS is updating its Khmer language curriculum and syllabus from higher pre-school to Grade 3 in 2017, with a view to making possible updates to the textbook in 2018. RTI is working with the MoEYS to provide technical assistance throughout this process. In order to make the most relevant update possible, experiences and feedback from G1 to G3 teachers, MoEYS representatives involved in the development of the textbooks, key NGOs working on education and school inspectors, needed to be gathered.

Angkor Research considered the implementation of a multi-stage, mixed methods research design to fulfil the review’s objectives through: (1) A quantitative survey of 896 primary school teachers from grades 1 to 3 in 192 primary schools; (2) additional quantitative interviews with 9 NGO staff who regularly observe and support teachers in Khmer lessons; 3 Focus group discussions (FGDs) with grade 1 teachers, disaggregated by geographic location (urban/rural/remote); interviews with 5 representatives of the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports (MoEYS)’s technical team; and key informant interviews with 10 school inspectors. Services provided to reach this end were research design, sampling methodology, instrument review and translation, data collection/oversight, and cleaning as well as final analysis and reporting.