Study on Education Services for Children with Disabilities in Cambodia


Cambodia. Siem Reap

Project Description

The Study on Education Services for Children with Disabilities in Cambodia aims to provide an understanding of the resources and accessibility of lower primary and basic literacy education available to children with disabilities in Cambodia generally, and in target districts in Siem Reap. The project aims to create a database providing detailed information (location, support, etc.) regarding organization working on disabilities in Cambodia.

Angkor Research conducted two surveys. The first was a survey aiming to assess the knowledge of all village chiefs (258) in 3 districts of Siem Reap (Sotnikhum, Banteay Srei and Siem Reap) regarding organizations working with disabilities in their areas and the services available, as well as the prevalence of people with disabilities in their village. The second phone survey was conducted through phone calls to do a census of the organizations and institutions working on disabilities in Cambodia. The sample contacted was obtained by gathering all available data available on several databases and internet. 135 organizations were reached. Out of them 12 reported to be closed and 8 said that they were not operating activities anymore. Services provided to reach this end were research design, sampling methodology, instrument review and translation, data collection/oversight, and data entry and cleaning of the datasets.