National Multi-tier Framework Energy Access Household Energy Survey


Cambodia. Location within country: All 25 provinces/municipalities

Project Description

The reliable and efficient provision of modern energy services is vital for sustainable development. The Energy Sector Management Assistance Program (ESMAP) – World Bank, in consultation with multiple development partners has developed the Multi-tier Framework (MTF) to monitor and evaluate energy access by following a multidimensional approach. As a starting point for multidimensional measurement of energy access and input for tracking Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) #7 (access to affordable, reliable and sustainable modern energy), ESMAP-World Bank, in collaboration with Sustainable Energy for All (SE4ALL), is carrying out household surveys in 15 countries to establish each country’s baseline towards measuring progress towards the universal energy access goals.

Angkor Research was the implementing partner of the MTF energy survey in Cambodia The purpose of this activity was to carry out nationally representative energy survey activities including household, community, facility, and mini-grid operator level interviews using the Multi-tier energy access Tracking Framework (MTF). The data collected was analyzed to investigate different energy access tiers, energy access gaps, and to better understanding on the current status of energy use in Cambodia. The sample size for the household survey in Cambodia was 3,300 households. In addition, 275 community and 325 facility interviews were conducted in areas targeted for the household surveys. Approximately 100 mini-grid operator surveys were also included in this project.