Health Sector Support Project 1 (HSSP1): End of Project Assessment


Cambodia. Location within country: 12 provinces

Project Description

The main objective of HSSP1 was to contribute to the improvement of the health status of the population by increasing the accessibility and quality of health services and assisting the Royal Government of Cambodia to implement its Health Sector Strategic Plan and strengthen the sector’s capacity to manage resources efficiently. The objectives of the end of project assessment were: (i) Determine the achievements of the project over the 6 year period from 2003 to the end of 2008, and derive lessons that can be applied to the second Health Sector Support Program; (ii) Establish baseline values for the HSSP2 indicators.

A team of Angkor Research staff carried out 3 surveys:

  1. Household survey of over 1,800 individuals within 44 clusters. The response rate was 98%, and interviewers conducted 10.7 interviews per day.
  2. Qualitative survey on accessibility, quality, affordability and coverage of health services, through interviews and focus group discussions in 6 villages with a total of 208 respondents and participants.
  3. Health facility assessment of 20 randomly selected health facilities. This survey included interviewing health facility directors (n=12) and health workers (n=93), clinical observations (n=186), and patient exit interviews (n=313).

Angkor Research staff were responsible for all survey activities including research design, sampling, staff recruitment and training, field work and supervision, database design, data entry, data cleaning, validation and analysis, and reporting.