Vulnerable Population Survey 2013


Cambodia. Location within country: All 24 provinces and municipalities

Project Description

The purpose of this research project is to assist the US Embassy in understanding the knowledge, attitudes and perceptions (KAP) of Cambodians among a number of different topics, including socio-economics, media access and engagement, current affairs, safety and security. The results of the survey will support the effective planning and implementation of US Embassy development projects across the country.

In Sept. 2013, Angkor Research and Consulting was contracted to conduct the Vulnerable Populations Survey in Cambodia. Angkor was contracted to conduct the data collection and data management portions of this research. This included: questionnaire review and English-Khmer translation (including two independent back-translations); sample methodology and selection; field staff recruitment and training; logistical planning and field data collection; interviewer/data reviews and quality assurance procedures; codebook and database design; double data entry, reconciliation and verification (“cleaning”); and initial analysis (frequencies and graphs for all metrics).

The survey was conducted among a nationally and provincially representative sample of 10,080 households in 504 villages across all 24 provinces and municipalities in Cambodia. The response rate for fieldwork was 97.8%, and each interviewer conducted an average of 9 interviews a day.

Vulnerable Population Survey II