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Angkor field teams in ILO project.
Our Team
Angkor Research is run by bilingual director Ian Ramage, and employs a dynamic team of Cambodian and international staff. This unique arrangement gives Angkor Research expertise in both international-standard research methods and procedures, and application of these methods to the Cambodian sociocultural context.

Ian Ramage, Director, Angkor Research and Consulting Ltd.Ian Ramage 

The Founder and Director of Angkor Research and Consulting, Ian has been managing and conducting research projects in Cambodia since moving here from his native Australia in 1999, with a primary interest in social research and impact evaluations. In the last 15 years he has conducted over 150 research projects, including over 25 large-scale household surveys and impact evaluations, in every province of Cambodia. This research has covered a range of fields including public health, sexual and reproductive health, HIV/AIDS, energy and environment, agriculture, gender, microfinance and socioeconomics, development, and media/communications. The findings of these projects have been used by a wide range of clients including government ministries, multilateral and bilateral donors, and local and international NGOs, and disseminated publicly in conferences, independent publications and peer-reviewed journals. 

Ian is a registered Psychologist in his native country of Australia, where he also conducted research through his work in juvenile detention centres in New South Wales and assisted in the establishment of new government policies on juvenile justice. He is a member of the European Evaluation Society (EES), and a founding member of the Research Association of Cambodia (RAC). Ian was recently elected President of RAC, with a particular mandate to develop research quality standards for the Cambodian research sector. He received his MSc from the University of Wollongong, Australia, and is fluent in both English and Khmer.

KEO Kimhorth, Fieldwork Director, Angkor Research and ConsultingMr. KEO Kimhorth
Fieldwork Director

Kimhorth helped establish Angkor Research in 2013, and is our Fieldwork Director and senior Research Supervisor. With over 10 years of experience conducting research in Cambodia, Kimhorth has worked with Mr. Ramage on many large-scale research projects since 2004, including multi-year impact evaluations for the International Labour Organization (ILO), the French Development Agency (AFD), the Cambodia Criminal Justice Assistance Project (CCJAP; funded by AusAID), SKY micro health insurance (with the University of California, Berkeley), the World Bank and World Food Programme (WFP). He has extensive experience in field research, implementing various sample selection techniques (including EPIWalks, Kish grids, and targeted respondent selection with filter questions) and conducting quantitative and qualitative interviews and focus group discussions with diverse populations including local and national authorities, children and vulnerable groups. Kimhorth is also adept at developing, translating and pre-testing questionnaires, training field staff, logistical planning, supervising teams of editors and interviewers, cluster mapping with GPS, and international-standard anthropometry/blood-testing techniques. Kimhorth holds a degree in Business Management from Build Bright University (2006).

Benjaming Lamberet, Data Manager and Data Analyst, Angkor Research and ConsultingMr. Benjamin Lamberet
Data Manager/Analyst

Benjamin has worked with Angkor Research and its Director since its inception in 2013, and has been working in Cambodia and the Asia region since 2009, primarily in the fields of agriculture and environment. His activities at Angkor Research include the design of databases and data entry systems for large-scale data management, oversight of double data entry processes and staff, cleaning and reconciliation of datasets, and analysis of quantitative and qualitative data for accurate results. His recent projects with Angkor Research include impact evaluations with ILO/AFD (impact of food provision on garment workers’ health and productivity) and CCJAP IV (impact of local police post construction on crime and safety), the UNICEF survey of care-seeking behaviour for children with pneumonia, the GRET APICI post-project evaluation, and the UNIDO e-waste market survey. His previous research work includes projects with the Tonle Sap Authority, as well as environmental research in China and France. Benjamin has an MSc degree in Agronomy and Ecological Engineering from the National Polytechnical Institute (INP) of Toulouse, France. He is experienced in Stata, Matlab, R and CSPro software for data entry and analysis, and geospatial mapping and analysis using GPS, ArcGIS and ENVI.

John Nicewinter, Writer/Editor, Angkor Research and ConsultingMr. John Paul Nicewinter

John has worked with the Research Director and other key staff of Angkor Research since 2012, and has over 12 years of work experience, primarily in the education and social development sectors. Living in Cambodia since 2007, John has worked with the US Peace Corps, the Ministry of Education (MOEYS), Kampong Cham Provincial Teacher Training Center (RTTC), the US Embassy, and local and international NGOs on project/grant proposals, fundraising, design, implementation and analysis of development projects. As staff writer for Angkor Research, John is responsible for managing procurement requests and proposals/applications, corporate communications and social media, and writing/editing research reports and policy briefs. Recent work includes reports for ILO/AFD, UNICEF, CCJAP IV, CCC, and the SKY micro health insurance impact evaluation. John received his dual BA in Linguistics and Modern Languages from the University of Rochester, USA, and is conversant in Khmer, Japanese, and American Sign Language (ASL).  

KOEURN Saly, Research Supervisor/Translator, Angkor Research and ConsultingMr. KOEURN Saly
Research Supervisor/Translator

Saly has been working with the Angkor Research Director since 2006, and has over eight years’ experience conducting research in Cambodia, and extensive experience translating research instruments and results for clients. He has been the in-house translator for many projects including projects for UNICEF, World Bank, ILO, AFD and the US Embassy. In addition, he has supervised and conducted fieldwork for a wide range of projects in public health, environment, social development, agriculture and education. With a degree in Psychology from the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP), Saly has particular expertise in translating, reviewing and testing questionnaires, training field staff, supervising teams of interviewers, cluster mapping with GPS, international-standard anthropometry/blood-testing techniques, implementing various sample selection and interview techniques, field data quality assurance measures (including spot checks and re-interviews), and Khmer-English translation. Because of his previous work in the Center for Child Mental Health (CCMH), he is especially good at conducting interviews with vulnerable and at-risk populations, including children.

KREN Bopha, Research Supervisor, Angkor Research and ConsultingMrs. KREN Bopha
Research Supervisor

Bopha has over five years’ experience working with Mr. Ramage and conducting field research in Cambodia. She has worked for various research agencies since 2008, before joining the Angkor Research team full-time in 2013, and has managed field teams for a range of projects, including large-scale research projects with ILO/AFD, World Bank/World Food Programme, the US Embassy, and the Cambodia Community Justice Assistance Partnership (CCJAP). She received her degree in Psychology from the Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP) in 2010, and is experienced in implementing various sampling techniques, field staff training, logistical planning, quantitative and qualitative interviewing, including with vulnerable populations (such as children and victims of domestic violence/rape), cluster mapping with GPS, field data quality assurance measures (including spot checks and re-interviews), the use of mixed media including telephone and digital devices, and international-standard anthropometry/blood-testing techniques.

SAING Sophea, Research Supervisor, Angkor Research and ConsultingMrs. SAING Ratanaksophea
Research Supervisor

Sophea has over seven years’ experience conducting social and development research in Cambodia, and has worked with the Angkor Research Director since 2008. In that time, she has been Field Supervisor on a range of projects, including the 2014 UNICEF Baseline Survey on Childhood Pneumonia, the 2014 Vulnerable Population Survey (VPS II) with the US Embassy, and the 2011-2012 World Bank/WFP Cash vs. Food Impact Evaluation. Sophea is trained in multiple interview and data collection techniques, including quantitative and qualitative techniques (including focus group discussions), and working with vulnerable populations (such as children and victims of domestic violence/rape). Her other responsibilities include implementing various sampling techniques, field staff training, logistical planning, cluster mapping with GPS, field data quality assurance measures (including spot checks and re-interviews), the use of mixed media including telephone and digital devices, and international-standard anthropometry/blood-testing techniques. Sophea is also an alumni of RUPP, graduating with a BA degree in Sociology.

KHIM Sarun, Finance Manager, Angkor Research and ConsultingMr. KHIM Sarun
Finance Manager

Sarun has worked with the Director of Angkor Research since 2005, and has 10 years of experience in finance management and accounting. As Angkor’s Finance Manager since 2013, Sarun is responsible for all administrative and accounting duties at Angkor, as well as overseeing the general management of the office and coordinating transportation and logistics for field data collection. A qualified accountant, Sarun has Masters degrees in both Auditing and Business Administration.

SOY Sokheang, Office Maintenance Staff, Angkor Research and ConsultingMrs. SOY Sokheang
Office Maintenance Staff

Originally from Pursat province, Sokheang has worked with Angkor since its inception in 2013, and was especially vital during the move to our new office in 2014. Every day, she makes sure that the office remains a functional and professional place to work, and satisfies the office spirits by maintaining the jumneang pdeah. She has two daughters and a son, and lives with her husband and family in Meanchey district.

Equal Opportunity Employment

Angkor Research is an equal opportunity employer, and does not discriminate based on sexual orientation, gender, religion, ethnicity, disability, or other factors. Angkor Research does not ask about these factors in interviews of potential employees, does not require this information in CVs, and does not base hiring decisions on these factors. Currently, 33% of our full-time staff are female and project-based staff are usually at least 50% female (depending on the requirements and scope of the project). In past projects, staff with disabilities have made up approximately 4-5% of project staff.  
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