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Angkor field teams in ILO project.
List of projects
Since 2003, the Angkor Research Director and senior staff have conducted a number of research projects (including during their work at Domrei Research and Consulting).

Below is a list of selected research projects led by Angkor Research and Consulting and Domrei Research and Consulting detailed  by sector and date. Related reports can be found in English and Khmer, as made publicly available by our clients.

Sector Project Client Year
 Livelihood Household Enterprise (HHE) Survey in Cambodia   World Bank 2019 
 Justice REACT and FCF Baseline/ Shared Indicator Study  Save the Children  2019 
 Environment Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices (KAP) Midline Survey   WorldFish 2019 
 Environment GERES – Final Impact Evaluation   GERES  2019
 Energy Impact Assessment of Solar Awareness Raising Campaigns  SNV Cambodia  2019 
 Livelihood  Labour Market Research SwissContact  2019 
 Public Health Impact Evaluation of Service Delivery Grants in the Health Sector in Cambodia: Endline Survey  World Bank   2019 
 Justice Impact Evaluation of the Voice and Action: Social Accountability for Improved Service Delivery (I-SAF) Project: Endline Survey  World Bank   2019
Environment  Project Study: Crediting Period 1-Monitoring Period 7 & Crediting Period 2-Monitoring Period 1  Hydrologic  2018-2019 
Justice Follow-up Survey on Knowledge, Attitudes and Practices of Community Policing in Cambodia Community Policing Initiative (CPI) 2018-2019
Education Local Monitoring of Project Implementation Activities NORC 2018-109
Education Three Tracer Studies on Graduates of the Skills Development Programme Swisscontact 2018-2019
Sanitation Global Sanitation Fund Outcome Assessment in Cambodia Plan International 2018-2019
Public Health Abortion related stigma and discrimination in Cambodia RHAC 2018
Justice Baseline Survey for Cambodia PROTECT: Communication Strategy to End Violence against Children and Unnecessary Family Separation UNICEF 2018
Public Health Reproductive, Maternal and Neonatal Health in Eight Provinces: Endline Survey Partnering to Save Lives (PSL) 2018
Public Health Partnering to Save Lives Endline Evaluation of Garment Factory Workers' Reproductive Health Partnering to Save Lives (PSL) 2018
Education Study on Education and Health Services for Children with disabilities in kampong Thom Province RTI 2018
Agriculture Knowledge, Attitude and Practices (KAP) Baseline Survey WorldFish 2018
Education Impact Evaluation of Community Preschool Expansion: Endline Survey World Bank 2018
Education Study on Education Services for Children with disabilities in Siem Reap Province RTI 2017
Agriculture Endline survey CHAIN Phase 1 SNV 2017
Education Survey of Primary School teachers RTI 2017
Environment Baseline Study for Renewing Credit Period 2 (CP2); Monitoring Study for MP6 Hydrologic 2017
Environment Biodigester Verification Survey Team SNV 2017-2019
Public Health Prospective Country Evaluation Global Fund 2017-2020
Energy National Multi-Tier Framework Energy Access Household Energy Survey World Bank 2017
Education Impact Evaluation of Community Preschools Expansion: Midline Survey World Bank 2017
 Justice  Impact Evaluation of the Voice and Action: Social Accountability for Improved Service Delivery (I-SAF) Project: Baseline Survey Save the Children/ World Bank 2016-2017
 Public Health  Endline Assessment: Communication for Behavioral Impact on Appropriate Care-Seeking for Sick Newborns and Children with Pneumonia (COMBI) UNICEF 2016-2017
Public Health Effectiveness of Worker Health Model on Improving RH and FP services for female garment factory workers in Cambodia Population Council 2017
Public Health Worker Health Study; Complementary Study: housing Observation, Water testing and Analysis Population Council 2017
Education Monitoring Survey: Impact Evaluation of Community Preschool Expansion World Bank 2016
Environment Kitchen Peformance Testing of Advnced Biomass Stoves SNV 2016
Environment Independent Verification Auditor: Market Acceleration of Advanced Clean Cookstoves in the Mekong Sub-region Project SNV 2016
Environment PADEE IGRF Satisfaction Survey UN FAO 2016
Justice Community Policing Initiative: Baseline Survey Community Policing Initiative (CPI) 2016
Public Health Impact Evaluation of Service Delivery Grants in the Health Sector in Cambodia: Baseline Survey World Bank 2016
Energy Impact Assessment Framework Design Nexus 2016
 Garment Factory  Improving Productivity in the Textile and Garment Sector in Cambodia GIZ 2016
Garment Factory   Feasibility Study for Establisment of the Worker canteens in the Garment Sector in Cambodia  GIZ 2016
 Education  Impact Evaluation of Community Preschool Expansion: Baseline survey World Bank 2016
Public Health Partnering to Save Lives: Mid-line Evaluation of Garment Factory Workers'Reproductive Health Partnering to Save Lives (PSL) 2015-2016
Public Health Mid-term Evaluation: Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights RHAC 2015
Livelihood Assessing the Impact of Social Land Concessions on Rural Livelihoods in Cambodia UNOHCHR 2015
 Environment  Malis Project End-line UN FAO 2015
Justice  Crime Prevention and Community Safety (CPCS): Project Result Assessment CCJAP 4 2015
Public Health Operational Research on Consumer Perceptions of Implans as Long-Term Family Planning Methods UNFPA, Merck 2015
 Garment Factory  Study of Garment Factory Workers' turnover  ILO  2015
Gender  Ending Violence Against Women in Cambodia: Project Communication Consulting  EVAW Cambodia  2015
Livelihood  Study on Commune/ Sangkat Planning and Budgeting for Social Services  UNICEF  2014-2015
 Energy  Least Cost Biodigester Scale-up Program Market Survey  National Biodigester Program  2014-2015
 Public Health  Health Equity Fund Utilization Survey  World Bank, GIZ  2014-2015
Education  Cambodian Consortium for Out-of-School Children: Baseline Survey  Aid et Action  2014-2015
 Justice  Study on Youth Exclusion and Social Unrest in the Asia Pacific Region  UNESCAP  2014-2015
Sanitation WASH Access in Public Health Facilities: Exploratory Research WaterAid 2014
Climate Change Climate Change Awareness Raising Campaign SNV Cambodia 2014
Energy Household Fuel Consumption Baseline Survey SNV Cambodia 2014
Garment Factory  Study of Food Provision on Garment Workers' Health and Productivity: Impact Evaluation and Secondary Activities  ILO, AFD  2013-2015
 Justice  Impact Assessment of Police Post Construction  ILO, AFD 2013-2014
Public Health
 Baseline Survey: Appropriate Care Seeking for Pneumonia for Children under 5 Years in Cambodia (COMBI)  UNICEF  2013
Livelihood  Vulnerable population survey II  US Embassy Phnom Penh  2013
 Energy  Baseline Survey: Nationwide Domestic Use of cooking Fuels and devices  GERES Cambodia 2013
 Environment  Post Evaluation of APICI Project GRET 2013
Environment Transforming E-waste into Job and Business Opportunities UNIDO 2013
Environment Assessment of Cookstove  Marketability and User Perception GERES 2013
Environment Waste to Energy for the Rice Milling Sector: Baseline Survey and Environmental Assessment Nexus 2013
Gender Good men Campaign Follow up survey PYD 2013
Development CSO Contributions to the Development in Cambodia CCC 2012
Justice CCJAP Community Safety Endline Survey  CCJAP 2011
Gender ECPAT Database Report on Sexual Trafficking, Exploitation and Rape in Cambodia  ECPAT 2011
Gender Good men Campaign baseline report PYD 2011
Public Health SKY Baseline Descriptive Report GRET 2011
Justice CCJAP Community Safety Midline Survey CCJAP 2010
Development ICRW PACE Impact Evaluation Endline Survey ICRW 2010
Public Health Who Buys Sky  GRET 2010
Public Health SKY Village Monograph Report  GRET 2010
Environment New Lao Stove Impact Evaluation, Preliminary Survey  GERES 2010
Livelihood Community Mobilization Monitoring and Supervision Midterm Evaluation   2010
Justice CCJAP Community Safety Baseline Survey CCJAP 2009
Garment Factory Impact of micro health insurance on female garment workers in Cambodia  GRET 2009
Development ICRW PACE Impact Evaluation Midline Survey ICRW 2009
Development ICRW PACE Impact Evaluation Baseline Survey ICRW 2009
Public Health BTC Follow-up Health Survey BTC 2008
Gender IWDA Somroh Somruel and Violence Against Women  IWDA 2008
Public Health Media Habits of Women Survey  EDB/ KFW 2008
Development UNESCAP Endline Youth Survey UNESCAP 2008
Public Health Monitoring and Supervision of Management and Use of Contraceptives  EDB 2007
Public Health Evaluation of IUD Training KFW 2007
Public Health Impact Survey on Contraceptive Campaign  KFW 2007
Development LICADHO Child Labour Survey LICADHO 2007
Development Situation Analysis of Support for Rural OVC   2007
Gender Gender in Demining  CSGMIMA 2006
Public Health Training Needs Assessment among BCC Practitioners NCHP 2006
Public Health Training Needs Assessment among BCC Practitioners NCHP 2006
Development UNESCAP Baseline Youth Survey UNESCAP 2006
Public Health BTC Baseline Health Survey in Kampong Cham BTC 2005
Disaster Living Above the Floods Evaluation Care 2005
Development Life Opportunities Programme, Evaluation Study Enfant et Developpement 2005
Public Health Private Sector Immunization Survey PATH 2005
Development Girls and Buddhist Nuns OVC Survey Save the children 2005
Development Takmau Homeless Youth Survey  Save the children 2005
Public Health BTC Baseline Health Survey in SROM BTC 2004
Public Health Family Planning Survey KFW 2004
Public Health Potential Demand for Emergency Contraception PATH 2003
Public Health RHIYA Cambodia Baseline Survey  RHIYA 2003
Public Health FHI Strong Fighting FHI 2003

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Founded in 2013, Angkor Research and Consulting Ltd. is a registered Cambodian company providing...

Founded in 2013, Angkor Research and Consulting Ltd. is a registered Cambodian company providing innovative solutions to...

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