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Angkor field teams in ILO project.
About Us
Our History
Angkor Research and Consulting Ltd. was founded in 2013 by the Founder and Director of Domrei Research and Consulting, Mr. Ian Ramage, and senior staff members. Previously one of the leading research institutions in Cambodia, under the leadership of Mr. Ramage, Domrei conducted over 120 contracts (including 45 large-scale evaluations) in Cambodia from 1999 until 2012, when the shareholders made the decision to close the company. In 2013, Mr. Ramage and the senior staff of Domrei began Angkor Research, bringing the same international standards and local knowledge to their new research projects.  
Our Philosophy
Angkor Research is committed to the complimentary values of quality and ethical accountability, and chooses to work only with clients that also respect deontology and ethics. To protect and ensure that these standards are maintained, Angkor Research follows three steps:
  • Mandatory training in research ethics and data quality for all staff (full-time and contracted);
  • Internal ethical and quality reviews, following internationally accepted guidelines;
  • National government approval for all full research projects involving human subjects.
Angkor Research has a zero-tolerance policy toward negligence, research misconduct and personal misbehavior for all Angkor Research staff and contractors. All staff who work with Angkor Research and Consulting, whether permanent, contracted or seconded, read, agree and sign the Angkor Research Ethical Policy and Guidelines. The main points of the ethical policy are:
  • Respect for respondents and community sensitivities
  • Informed consent from all respondents 
  • Confidentiality of all interviews and data
  • Fair compensation for survey participation
  • Equitable selection of respondents
  • Dissemination of survey results.
 (Link to Angkor Research Ethical Policy and Guidelines – file is in the folder)
Our Experience
At Angkor Research, we specialize in high-quality and accurate research, monitoring and evaluation, including all aspects of design, implementation and analysis, for clients in a variety of fields, including environment, agriculture, public health, communications and economics. A newly established company, we are able to draw on the previous experiences of our Director and staff, who together have over 30 years of experience managing projects and conducting research throughout Cambodia for governments, donors, bilateral organizations and NGOs including AFD, GERES, BTC, the UN (FAO, WFP, UNFPA, UNIDO, etc.), EU, World Bank, and the Cambodian Ministries of Health (MOH) and the Interior (MOI), among others.   Angkor Research and its staff have extensive experience in the design, implementation, analysis and quality control of research projects. Mr. Ian Ramage was actively involved in all research previously conducted by Domrei Research and Consulting Ltd. from 1999-2013. In addition, Mr. Ian Ramage and Angkor team have conducted large-scale project and program evaluations together.   
(Link to table of projects with sample size, response rate and interview rate details – not available yet)  
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